Resin Infusion

Resin Infusion

Resin Infusion composites are created using a one-sided tool and a vacuum bag to contain, what is called a “Lay Up”, which consists of a cloth and perhaps core plus other materials. To create the composite resins are infused with a feeder or runner system to permit resin to enter the Lay Up and flow through the fibrous material under vacuum pressure.

Typical Resin Infusion Applications

Resin Infusion composite applications include radomes cowlings, fairings, enclosures, and large structural components

Resin Infusion composites for aerospace parts
Resin Infusion Advantages

Resin Infusion Advantages

  • High fiber content and low void content
  • Excellent adhesion to core materials
  • Lower cost of raw materials versus Pre-Peg Lay Up
  • Minimal labor required for large components
  • Lower capital equipment requirements than autoclave
  • Low emissions from resin
  • High quality repeatable processes

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