Communication & Radar

Composiflex Support

To support communication and radar composite customers, Composiflex offers:
    • Advice from engineers with decades of expert industry experience
    • Material property testing to support FEA
    • Verification testing
    • Mechanical load and impact testing
    • Program management
    • In-house tooling design and manufacturing capabilities
    • Complete vertical integration of manufacturing processes
    • Metallization options for EMI and other performance requirements
    • Component integration and assembly
Fiberglass Quartz composite with sandwich construction
Uses radiolucent composite material


The applications that Composiflex supports include:
  • Radomes
  • Antenna systems and embedded antennas
  • Enclosures, payloads, and pods
  • Solid and segmented parabolic dish antennas
  • Telescoping legs and masts
Wet Layup Composite fairing
Metallizatoin treatment of carbon fiber to increase EMI Performance

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