Press Molding

Press Molding and Compression Molding

Press molding composite equipment can be used to produce pressure and temperature as part of composite processing. Pressure is typically produced using hydraulic pistons and heat can be introduced using heated platens or external sources. Molds are used to manufacture shaped parts. Press molding is used for long fiber advanced composite parts and press compression molding can be used to process short fiber material including Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC).

Press Molding Capabilities of carbon fiber UAV

Typical Press Molding Applications

Press Molding and Compression Molding composite applications include flat panels, medical abductor bars, small medical tops and accessories, ballistic shields, non-complex shapes, bladder molded designs with undercuts, and short fiber composite products.

Press Molding Capabilities e-glass panels
Press Molding

Press Molding Advantages

  • Quicker cycle time compared to autoclave
  • Lower capital equipment cost compared to autoclave

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