Painting composites

Finishing and Other Processes

Surface Preparation

Advanced composite manufacturing processes do not typically yield products that are ready to paint or coat. As a result, manual surface preparation is often required.

Painting and Coating

High performance painting and coating is an important part of our integrated process offering. Composiflex utilizes an enclosed painting system with down-draft over spray control and microprocessor-controlled heat curing. We support a wide variety of medical, industrial, and military grade coating products including Chemically Resistant Agent Coatings (CARC), gel coats, and metallic coatings for EMI and other performance requirements.

Composite Product Painting and finishing
Composite product painting
Composite Product painting assembly of composite panels and hardware
Composite Product painting and finishing with Custome MIL-STDF-810 that seals with fasterners


Customers often require integration of components into a subassembly or final assembly. The following are some examples of assembly operations that Composiflex offers:

  • Component bonding with fixtures
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Addition of a wide variety of hardware
  • Processes and components to provide different types of seals
  • Electro-mechanical component integration
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies into final assemblies

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