Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis and Testing 

Rather than rely on theoretical properties, Composiflex continues to develop a database of measured composite material properties that can be used in analysis processes.

We have studied the advantages of combining advanced composites to provide for improved energy absorption during impact events. In addition, long-term fatigue testing continues to be used to support our FlexPly® Spring product line. Composiflex engineers continue to evaluate the latest in composite materials to ensure that our customers have access to state-of-the-art technologies.

Engineering analaysis material short-beam-shear SBS test
Engineering Analysis Long-term fatigue testing FlexPly composite springs
Engineering Analysis Impact performance study fo composite material
Engineering Analysis material property testing to support FEA
Engineering Analysis testing equipment
Composiflex Support includes:
  • Material property testing to support finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Various levels of FEA projects
  • Airload analysis
  • Verification testing
  • Mechanical load testing
  • Processed material (coupon) testing
  • Surface RMS analysis
  • Attenuation measurement
  • Ballistic defeat performance
  • Antenna and radome performance testing
  • Program management

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