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Ka Band Carbon Fiber Dish
Advanced composite processes allow Composiflex to manufacture lightweight parabolic dish antennas with tolerances suitable to Ka band satellite communication systems.

Carbon Fiber SATCOM Dishes

Solid and Segmented Parabolic Dishes: Production Process for Ka and Other Bands

The use of advanced composites in satellite communications is growing rapidly to support Ka, Ku and other frequency bands. Carbon fiber is used to provide superior stiffness, dimensional stability over the operating temperature range, and light-weight properties.

Composiflex utilizes high quality molds and specially-developed manufacturing processes to support challenging SATCOM antenna shape and surface tolerances. Our cost-conscious approach yields parabolic dish antennas that meet demanding surface RMS specifications.

A variety of options are available to meet reflectivity and gain requirements. These options include conductive composite materials, reflective paints and coatings, and deposition treatments.

Composiflex supports both solid and segmented dish designs for military, marine and commercial applications.

Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities. Conductive composite, reflective paints and coatings to meet gain requirements for satellite communication dishes.