Composiflex: Advanced Composite Products
Celebrating 30 Years 1986 - 2015

Medical Composites Markets

Composiflex advanced composites have been used in medical applications for many years. For example, medical imaging equipment like X-ray systems and CT scanners require challenging solutions to position patients during medical procedures. Patient positioning systems typically require a unique combination of stiffness, strength, low weight, and minimal impact to the quality of the patient image. Composiflex manufactures products with an engineered lay-up of carbon fiber skins (often over a high-performance foam core) for X-ray, CT, CT/PET, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, and similar medical equipment modalities. Embedded components made from metal or other solid materials are typically used for attachment points. In MRI applications, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Spectra Shield®, or fiberglass perform better than carbon fiber. Composiflex patient positioning and other image-able products include:

Medical Composite Products
  • Radiographic imaging table tops, cradles, couches, and pallets
  • Table top extensions and accessories
  • Oncology treatment overlays and other positioning products
  • Mammography detection positioning products
  • Surgical table components
  • Abductor bars

Composiflex can also provide advanced composite products for a variety of other medical applications including:

  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass structural components for medical equipment
  • Orthopedic and orthotic devices
  • Immobilization devices
  • Biomedical implants using materials such as PEEK and Ultra PEK