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Enclosure Brochure
Composiflex designs and manufactures custom composite enclosures to address weight sensitivity issues.

Aerospace/Defense Brochure
Composiflex strictly adheres to the stringent performance and quality standards that are demanded by aerospace and military applications.

Defense Markets

Composite Defense Components

Advanced composites are used in a wide variety of military/defense applications, typically when weight is an important issue (as in man-portable and airborne applications). Soldiers are required to carry a lot of equipment in the field. Saving a few ounces can sometimes permit the soldier to carry more items or add features to the packed equipment. In airborne applications, lower weight translates into increased performance in the areas of speed, range, fuel economy, and flight duration. To support these applications, Composiflex can provide advice in areas of:

  • Impact, shock, and vibration performance
  • Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent material properties
  • Mechanical attachments
  • Various sealing options
  • EMI treatment
  • Thermal performance

The following are examples of defense products that are suitable for Composiflex advanced composites:

Composite Defense Components
  • Military communication equipment
  • Radomes
  • Dish and other antennas
  • UAV payloads
  • UAV launchers
  • Airborne sensor covers, avionic enclosures, and racks
  • Other man-portable equipment