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Armor Capabilities
We produce armor for vehicle applications, body armor breastplates, portable armor and more.

Vehicle Armor
With parnters, created an armor package for the Humvee, or Hummer.

Vehicle Armor II
Vehicle armor provides occupants with protection against high velocity rifle fire while on the move.

Aerospace/Defense Brochure
Composiflex strictly adheres to the stringent performance and quality standards that are demanded by aerospace and military applications.

Armor & Ballistics Markets

Composite Ballistic Products

Composiflex offers a broad range of ballistic composite products for vehicles, aircraft, and personal protection. Solutions range from multi-piece kits for comprehensive protection of large ground or air vehicles to small individual components providing localized protection of personnel or equipment. For example, Composiflex offers SUV floor armor that defeats commonly specified hand grenade threats.

Armor & Ballistic Composites

Using the latest composite technologies and other materials like ceramic and steel, Composiflex provides solutions optimized for protection level, weight, cost, and availability of raw materials. Although standard NIJ and STANAG protection levels are supported, Composiflex also offers custom solutions tailored to each customers unique requirements.

Flexply™ Armor

FlexPly™ & Flexply Armor

Composiflex’s FlexPLY™ products are more flexible than MIL-DTL-62474 and most other solutions.  Utilized in SUV and other vehicular applications, our FlexPLY™ option is much easier to install.  Please contact us for more details. Composiflex also provides MIL-DTL-62474 and other industry standard products.


Vehicle and Aircraft Armor

Vehicle & Aircraft Armor

Armoring vehicles and aircraft presents several challenging problems. Compromises must often be made among performance, weight and cost. Clearly all these considerations are strongly interrelated. In aircraft and helicopters, minimizing weight is crucial to maintaining optimum maneuverability of the craft. In ground vehicles, excess weight often requires costly modifications to assure adequate handling and braking. Composiflexs vast array of armor systems enable us to offer the best compromise between performance and budget.

Composiflex is ITAR Certified and provides a full line of composite armor panels for defeating threat levels up to and including NIJ Level IV.  We can provide almost any size, shape, and finish.

Structural Armor and Blast Protection

Structural Armor & Blast Protection

Structural armor in the form of opaque armor or transparent armor has many applications, including banks, courtrooms, airports, correctional institutions, casino money rooms, corporate offices, and embassies. Material options include Spectra Shield®, Kevlar®, Twaron®, ceramic, ballistic steel, ballistic glass, and polycarbonate. Structural armor can be designed to defeat any threat, from small handguns to high-powered, armor-piercing projectiles. Structural armor is available in sheet form or cut to your specific design requirements. The Composiflex engineering staff will assist you in the optimum design of your specific armor system.

Composiflex also offers technologies suitable for blast mitigation.

Portable Armor

In many cases it is desirable to move or replace armor systems rapidly, such as temporary walls, automobile doors, tailgates and portable shelters.  In such situations the armor must be extremely light to not interfere with the function of other components and to blend in with its surroundings. Composiflex offers several armor systems to meet these requirements.

Ballistic Shields

Ballistic Shields

Ballistic Shields are widely used by police SWAT teams, the FBI, the DEA and other government agencies. By their sheer size, shields provide much more protection than a breast plate. Composiflex uses state-of-the-art ballistic materials to produce some of the lowest weight shields available.