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Enclosure Brochure
Composiflex designs and manufactures custom composite enclosures to address weight sensitivity issues.

Aerospace/Defense Brochure
Composiflex strictly adheres to the stringent performance and quality standards that are demanded by aerospace and military applications.

Aerospace Markets

Composite Aerospace Components

The use of composites in aerospace applications is growing rapidly, led by major airframe manufactures for both commercial and military aviation. Advanced aerospace composites have gained wide acceptance to replace metal, primarily for weight reduction. Performance benefits of the use of composites include lowering fuel costs, and increasing flight time, speed, and distance. To support aerospace composite customers, Composiflex offers:

  • AS9100 quality processes and certification
  • Ability to support OEM material and processing specifications for both autoclave and  out-of-autoclave processes
  • In-house tooling design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing processes to control quality and lead times
  • CMM-based First Article Inspection and on-going quality inspection
Composite Aerospace Components

In addition to part fabrication, post-cure machining, and finishing operations, we can incorporate other mechanical components to add value by supplying complete subassemblies to support your aerospace composite requirements.

The applications that Composiflex supports include:

  • A wide variety of manned aircraft composite components
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) components and subassemblies
  • UAV payloads and launch systems
  • Composite avionics enclosures and racks
  • Aerodynamic composite cowlings and fairings
Composite Aerospace Components