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Performance Studies


Collaborating to achieve your goals

The diversity of Composiflex customers and applications provides us with a broad portfolio of experience not common among other composites manufacturers. Our materials knowledge and production capabilities have become extremely valuable to aerospace and military engineers who seek to minimize weight by converting metal components to composite materials, commonly achieving a weight reduction of 30-40% or more. A variety of lightweight cores and inserts can be incorporated into the composite structure to increase rigidity, particularly important under bending loads.    


Performance Studies

Although "make-to-print" opportunities are always welcome, Composiflex engineers are accustomed to providing added customer value in the form of analysis projects.

We are accustomed to functioning as extensions of our customers' engineering staffs, effectively collaborating to solve design challenges.   Some examples of this "extended value" support are:

  • Corner and side impact studies to support man-portable applications
  • Composite material treatment studies to address EMI and antenna reflectivity performance
  • High-torque testing of filament wound drive shaft systems