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Resin infusion process

Process Description

Resin Infusion uses a one-sided tool and a vacuum bag which contain a layup of cloth and perhaps other core material. A feeder/runner system is used to permit resin to enter the layup and flow through the fibrous material.

Resin Infusion

Typical Applications

Radomes, cowlings, fairings, enclosures, large structural components.

Resin Infusion Advantages

  • High fiber content and low void content
  • Excellent adhesion to core materials
  • Lower cost of raw materials versus Pre-Peg Layup
  • Minimal labor required for large components
  • Lower capital equipment requirements than autoclave
  • Low emissions from resin
  • High quality repeatable processes

Resin Infusion Disadvantages

  • Poorer surface on vacuum bag side of part
  • Some process development needed to optimize flow of resin