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RadiFlex Prototyping 40% Faster

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Composiflex Introduces RAPIFLEX

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is often a standard part of Composiflex’s "Art to Part" support. To shorten development time and cut costs, prototyping processes can be leveraged.  These processes include:

  • Use "RenShape" material as a temporary one-sided tool
  • Use current component as a one-sided tool
  • Manufacture smaller components that are bonded/assembled together
  • Use lower cost materials than those required in the final design
  • Manufacture material samples or scale models of the final product

Tradeoffs might be required including:

  • Short tool life
  • Relaxation of certain specifications
  • Modification of non-critical design features

Once prototypes are evaluated and designs are finalized, we move forward with pre-production/first article manufacturing as agreed with our customers.