Composiflex: Advanced Composite Products
Celebrating 30 Years 1986 - 2015

Composiflex leverages decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products. From material and process selection through product finishing and assembly, Composiflex has the expertise and equipment to offer complete program support.

Markets We Serve

Aerospace Composites
Performance benefits of light weight solutions include
lower fuel costs and increased flight time, speed, and distance.
Ka, Ku Satellite Communications
Process to meet light tolerance requirements of Ka,
Ku and other frequency bands.
Medical Composites
X-ray, CT, CT/PET, MRI,
Nuclear Medicine
and other medical applications benefit from the unique properties of advanced composites.
Defense Composites
Weight is critical in some defense applications
including those that are man-portable and airborne.
Armor Composites, Ballistic Composites
Armor Solutions that integrate composites
and other materials can defeat nearly any threat level.
FlexPly Composite
Fatigue performance, corrosion resistance, and other
properties often dictate the use of composites over metal and other materials.


Composite Processes
Autoclave, RTM, Resin Infusion, Filament Winding
and others have been Composiflex strengths for years.
RapiFlex Prototypes and Tooling
Prototypes can often be manufactured quickly
using temporary tools and other schedule compression options.
Machining and finishing
Trimming, surface preparation, painting/coating,
assembly, and other processes are available to provide finished solutions.
Industrial Composites
Many industrial applications benefit from improved
directional stiffness, electrical insulation, damping, and fatigue performance.

Concept To Production

We take your idea and bring it to life
Engineering efforts help ensure that your project is successful We convert raw materials into your product or assembly We take your idea and bring it to life Component manufacturing, finishing, and assembly under one roof Our talented engineering staff is ready to support you We design and manufacture tooling for your project Autoclave, RTM, Resin Infusion, Press, Filament Winding and others Full machining capabilities on site